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Cisco Aironet 1562E venkovní access point - 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave 2 - Duální pásmo

Přidat do oblíbenýchCisco Aironet 1562E venkovní access point - 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave 2 - Duální pásmo
Cisco Aironet 1562E venkovní access point.

Kód produktu839632
Part numberAIR-AP1562E-E-K9
EAN produktu882658904158
Záruka:12 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
58648 Kč
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31342.15 Kč
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37924 Kč
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Hlídací pes
Cisco Aironet® 1560 Series Outdoor Access Points offer the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 functions in a rugged, low-profile housing that service providers and enterprises can deploy easily.

Ideal for applications requiring rugged outdoor Wi-Fi coverage, the Cisco Aironet 1560 Series Access Points offer the latest IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 radio standard in a compact, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-deploy package. The 1560 Series offers flexible deployment options for service providers and enterprise networks, that need the fastest links possible for mobile, outdoor clients (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) and wireless backhaul. With options for internal or external antennas, the 1560 Series Access Points give network operators the flexibility to balance their desired wireless coverage with their need for easy deployment. The Cisco Aironet 1560 Series is built on the strong base of Cisco® wireless innovations such as:

? Cisco CleanAir® technology for spectrum intelligence
? Cisco ClientLink technology for beamforming
? Radio Resource Management (RRM) for dynamic transmitter channel and power control

Prominent Feature/Differentiator/Capability

The Cisco Aironet 1560 Series offers the following features:

? Improved performance for multiple client devices: The 802.11ac Wave 2 access points use MU-MIMO technology, which allows different data streams to all flow at once from the access point to multiple 802.11ac Wave 2-supported devices. Now, multiple 802.11ac Wave 2 devices can connect at the same time, getting the information they need quicker.
? 5-GHz support: The Cisco Aironet 1560 Series doubles the scale of 5 -GHz mobile devices and raises the performance of high-density environments.
? 4G LTE Coexistence: The Cisco Aironet 1560 Series includes robust filtering around the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band to block out nearby licensed 4G LTE cellular signals.
? Cisco Flexible Antenna Port technology uses software configurable for either single- or dual-band antennas. It allows you to use the same antenna ports for either dual-band antennas to reduce footprint or single-band antennas to optimize radio coverage.
? Cisco Mobility Express: This solution is designed to bring enterprise-class wireless access to small and medium-sized networks. Easy to set up with low maintenance, Mobility Express includes advanced features from Cisco and does not require a physical controller appliance.
? Cisco High Density Experience (HDX): Cisco HDX comes standard on the 1560, giving this access point top-of-the-line network efficiency over a large number of wireless clients. HDX uses customized chipsets to target the needs of high-density networks. It is built with best-in-class RF architecture and gives a better user experience for high-performance applications..
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